KY gel - No teddy - Portfolio Facu Ardila & Vero Perera
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KY gel – No teddy

No teddy, Ky gel Johnson & Johnson’s Valentine’s day campaign.


Develop communication pieces for the official fan page which continuing  announcing that Ky is a lubricating gel for couples who are a bit boring and that this product is a great motivator to revive and turn up a few degrees to the  relationship.



Use these pieces to create awareness  that while you are not next to your couple, the sexual desire slows down and do not have to settle just for the sweetness and leave  sex aside. The proposal is to give sex a place and leave sweetness aside.


Veronica Perera, Copywriter.

Facundo Ardila, Art director.


Cannes Lions Shortlist - Design


Advertising, art direction, Design

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