#LetGirlsBeGirls is an initiative against child sexualization.
The idea was to prove that little girls are too young to be wearing make-up and should only ever use it to play.
The piece invites the audience to use the product differently than they traditionally do as a means to start a conversation about this social issue. The goal was to get the brand closer to people, generating awareness of issues relevant to the society. The beauty industry is often regarded as frivolous and we needed to modify that perception.

Our strategy consisted in relying on very popular celebrities as Jessica Rowe and a fashion and beauty icon such as Australian Miss Universe Tegan Martin to encourage the audience to support our cause.

The proposal was very simple and fun: inviting mothers to use the product in a creative new way and then offer their support to the campaign by uploading their pictures or videos using #letgirlsbegirls

We start the conversation on a TV show, but we used online platforms to spread the word, using the main stars as influencers on their own social medias using #LetGirlsBeGirls.








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